Recently a customer made a comment that they only had “one mouse” in the house. They even caught the mouse and released it across the street? The customer told me the same mouse re-entered and came back into the kitchen. I had to break the bad news to the customer that there’s never just one. That mouse has a mom, dad and about 3-5 brothers and sisters and possibly generations of off spring somewhere nearby.
The house mouse and field mouse are dirty rodents. They carry disease, parasites and fleas. Mice spread Salmonella, hantavirus and several others.

I continue to hear comments made that mouse poisons were used that make the mouse thirsty and the go outside to die. Most rodenticides are anticoagulants and cause internal bleeding in mice and rats. They do not become thirsty. They only leave to go outside if their nest is outdoors.
Mice are mammals like you and I. When we don’t feel good, we go and lay down in bed. Mice will normally die in nesting locations in walls or other areas.

I don’t have a solution to eliminate the odor of a dead rodent. I will be picking up a product from Lowes or Home Depot called “DampRid”. they make a couple different types that absorb moisture and odors. If it helps, I’ll carry some in my work truck to use if needed.

Cheese as a mouse lure ? It’s been used on TV for years, especially in cartoons. Peanut butter works much better and is preferred by mice. Buy some Jiffy and save the Gouda for your next dinner party.

Get a Cat – You might have the best mouser. He catches mice and drops them off at your door step. Mice enter through small holes slightly bigger than my pinkie finger. They get into the attic and wall voids and breed very fast. I have not met a cat yet that will solve this issue. Fluffy gets rewarded as the mouse catcher. But professional help through exclusion and trapping is usually requires.

Ultra Sonic – For $35 at H~^e De~0t, You can purchase a heavy duty pest chaser, gadget that Does Not work 100%. For $19 online through Ama#$n^, you can purchase an ultra sonic rodent repellent. ** My Advise, Get your money back if you can.
In 2001, the Federal Trade Commission sent a warning to manufacturers of ultrasonic pest control devices, demanding that claims of effectiveness must be backed up by scientific research. Thanks to the FTC intervention, package claims on ultrasonic rodent and insect devices are a little less preposterous than they used to be, and many product websites have links explaining their research methods and results, such as these from Green Shield and Victor.

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