The Emergence of Insects During Spring

Spring is here! While warmer weather brings so much excitement and joy to the Northeast, it also brings an increase in the insect population.

This time of year, problems caused by carpenter ants and termites are especially prevalent. Carpenter ants begin their mating process during late spring. After which, the female ants begin their hunt for a place to lay their eggs and begin their colony. Things that may put your home at risk for being the local queen’s new lair are exposed wood, specifically if there are any cracks, plumbing leaks or a leaky roof, tree branches that are hanging near your home, cracks in the foundation and keeping firewood close to your house.

Termites are especially prevalent in the Saratoga and Albany areas due to soil conditions. As the weather heats up, these unpleasant pests can also make it a point to find their way into your home. Due to the harsh conditions of New York winters, there is also always a possibility that your home suffered structural damage during the winter months, creating a welcoming environment for pests like termites to make your home their new home.  Since they are well known for silently and quickly chewing through wood, flooring and wallpaper, as a homeowner you’re going to want to be proactive when it comes to preventing these pests. Things that can put your house at risk for a termite infestation include water buildup around your foundation, improperly installed gutters and improperly ventilated crawlspaces and attics.

The best way to prevent or eliminate carpenter ants and termites is to give us a call and have us conduct a free detailed inspection your home. Based on our findings, we will present recommendations on the best path forward to protect your home.

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