Pest Prevention Tips

While each type of pest has its own reasons for invading your home and unique indicators of their presence, there are a few basic rules that apply across the board when it comes to keeping your house a pest-free zone.

Keep Food Contained

A common reason for many pests to enter your home is for food, especially during the colder months. Keep pests at bay by removing the temptation:

  • Keep food in sealed containers that cannot be easily chewed through. Something that contains the smell of the food is a bonus.
  • Promptly clean up food spills and messes.
  • Regularly take out the trash, wrap any food scraps in a plastic bag or use a garbage can with a sealed lid.

Clean Up Your Yard

What is outside is what will be coming inside. Keeping your yard clean from any pest friendly environments will be helpful in reducing the chances of them winding up in your home.

  • Clean up leaves and remove piles promptly
  • Avoid allowing stagnant pools of water to remain on your property
  • Keep shrubbery, tree branches and grass trimmed and away from the house

Patch Any Entrance Holes

To make your home a fortress against pests is to close off any spaces that allow them to get inside. Since many pests seek out your home for warmth or food, be sure to:

  • Seal any cracks in the foundation
  • Make sure window screens are free of holes and securely installed
  • Make sure eaves, porches and drainage pipes are properly secured and closed off

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