Holiday Hijinks: Don’t Invite the Pests

There is an abundance of cheerful excitement in the air this time of year; and as the holidays swirl around us, so do a host of visitors, decorations, busy days cooking, shopping and volunteering. Everyone deserves to have a joyful holiday season, uninterrupted by problematic pests of any kind. In the spirit of the holidays, we took the liberty of putting together a short list of holiday-related things that can increase your risk of unwittingly welcoming pests into your home:

  • Traveling – Bed bugs are travelers! Anytime there is a myriad of people coming and going, the chances of bed bugs doing the same increases. Whether this is at your home or another location, be vigilant in keeping sheets, blankets, suitcases and clothes picked up and cleaned.
  • Cooking – Food is an integral part of the holiday season. Whether you’re baking sweet treats or preparing a three course meal, be sure to clean up everything thoroughly in a timely manner. Sticky messes and crumbs are a welcome invitation for all kinds of pests from rodents to ants.
  • Stoking the Fireplace – The weather outside is certainly less frightful when there’s a delightfully warm fire crackling inside! However, try to avoid the temptation of keeping your firewood stacked against the house. It’s best to keep all firewood a minimum of five feet from the house to avoid tracking in insects and giving rodents a safe haven right next to your home.
  • Out of Sight Messes – It’s extremely common this time of year to leave stacks of boxes and/or piles of crumpled up wrapping paper hidden away in the garage or stuffed in a crawl space until it’s time to put away the decorations and clean up the holidays. However, rodents in particular find these messes very welcoming to make into homes and beds. It’s best to keep things as organized as possible and up off the floor to avoid any rodent problems.

Your home is your sanctuary and it’s meant to share warm memories and hot cocoa with your loved ones during this holiday season. While nobody wants to think about things like pests this time of year, it’s better to keep an eye out for easy-to-implement prevention opportunities than it is to deal with an infestation.

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