Recommendations for a Pest-Free 2020

A New Year and a New Decade is officially here! If your ideal 2020 is a year without a pest invasion, then here are some helpful expert tips for you:

  1. Be proactive in prevention – Rather than waiting to have a problem that needs solving, one of the best ways to keep your home pest-free is to be proactive in your approach. This means keeping food stored properly, checking doors and windows for gaps, inspecting your foundation for cracks, making sure external utilities are properly sealed around, keeping your yard clean, and ensuring there is no debris or clutter around the outside of your house.
  2. Know the warning signs ­– The best time to stop a pest problem in its tracks is as soon as you become aware of it. The longer they’ve been there, the longer they’ve had the opportunity to multiply and cause damage to your home. When it comes to rodents, look for droppings, nest material shreds and chew holes. When it comes to carpenter ants, look for wings, sawdust trails and hollow sounding wood. When it comes to cockroaches, look for feces, egg cases and dead cockroaches.
  3. Seek professional help as soon as an indication of pests appears – Once you are aware of a pest problem, contact us right away. The sooner we get there, the sooner we can rid your home of these unwanted and often dangerous pests.

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