All About Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are a pest that you want to get ahead of! They can infest your home very slowly, sometimes taking up to 6 years to create a large colony inside your home, all the while creating damage.

Carpenter ants may find their way into your home through a crack in the wood of your home or building’s structure. A queen carpenter ant will enter the crack and seal it shut before she begins to lay her eggs inside. After the eggs hatch and reach adulthood, this first generation begins maintaining the colony and taking care of eggs.

Recognizing signs of a carpenter ant infestation

Finding and diagnosing a carpenter ant infestation is tricky. Look for these signs to clue you in:

  • When you knock on wood in your home, it sounds hollow.
  • Listen for ants bustling around inside the walls.
  • Carpenter ants are born with wings that fall off and these could collect around windows and baseboards.
  • Carpenter ants burrow in wood and leave sawdust trails.

Preventing carpenter ants from invading your home

If you’re worried about an infestation here are some tips to follow:

  • Find and fix any moisture problems like a leaky roof or pipes.
  • Keep trees trimmed and a good distance from your home. Carpenter ants can travel right from trees into your homes.
  • Keep firewood elevated and away from your home.
  • Look for cracks in your foundation and seal them up.

If you are concerned that carpenter ants may have infiltrated your home, don’t wait to take action. It is critical to get the professionals in to inspect and assess the situation right away so that a plan can be implemented for extermination and prevention of a future infestation.

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