All About Carpenter Bees

Have you ever seen a bee make a hole in wood? That sounds like a carpenter bee! This lesser discussed bee is prevalent in the Capital District and packs a double whammy – it can damage structures and it can sting. Let’s take a look at how to identify carpenter bees, how to know when they are around, and how to deal with them.

The Basics

Carpenter bees are similar looking to bumblebees, however their abdomens are smooth and shiny without yellow markings. Females have a stinger and are known to sting when threatened. Males do not have a stinger but may buzz around perceived threats.

Signs of Carpenter Bees

The most common sign of carpenter bees is the presence of small holes in wood. Carpenter bees drill holes in wood and can be seen hovering around and crawling in and out of these holes throughout the day. Sheds, barns, decks, porches, etc. are common areas that carpenter bees may choose to make their home.

What to Do About Carpenter Bees

To help prevent carpenter bees, fill holes or cracks in wood structures and paint or stain wood surfaces that are exposed to the elements. If carpenter bees do drill into a wood structure on your property, the first step is to properly treat the nest to get rid of them. Once this is complete, the holes can be filled and paint or stain can be applied to discourage future carpenter bees.

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