Why are There Stink Bugs in My House?

It’s true, they stink! These shield shaped, brown/grey insects known as Stink Bugs truly stink when threatened or crushed. You might be noticing more of them in your house as the weather gets cooler, but why?

This migration of stink bugs into warm places when it gets colder outside is referred to as overwintering. They are searching for warmth, food and water. When they find it, they likely won’t leave until the warm weather of spring returns.

You may be wondering why you don’t see them roaming around the house during the dead of winter. This is because overwintering insects tend to find a nice hiding spot for the winter and stay put. You may not see them again until spring.

To help prevent stink bugs from using your home as their winter vacation spot, be sure to repair any cracks in window screens and seal any gaps in doors or windows. It is also a good idea to keep your home free of moisture (think leaky faucets and pipes) as well as food crumbs.

If you spot stink bugs in your home, give us a call. We would happy to conduct a free inspection to evaluate the scope of the problem and provide you with our expert recommendation.

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