5 Fall Pest Control Tips

Fall is here! The warm days of summer have faded away and the cooler weather of fall has arrived, with the cold of winter just around the corner. Fall is an important season for pest control as pests prepare for the colder months ahead. To help you keep these pests at bay, here are 5 fall pest control tips to consider:

  1. Watch for Ladybugs and Stink Bugs – It may be odd to think about bugs when thinking about cold weather, but this time of year is when overwintering pests such as ladybugs and stink bugs seek out warm refuge for the winter. Make sure window screens don’t have holes in them and don’t leave doors open, inviting these pests inside. If you see them entering your home, act quickly to remove them before they find their winter hiding place.
  2. Lock Up the Birdseed – Feeding wild birds is very popular over the winter. However, bird seed left unsealed in the garage is like a buffet for rodents. Put bird seed in a sealed metal can to keep rodents away.
  3. Rodent Proof the Exterior – Check the exterior of your home for holes in the siding, gaps in the doors, openings in the soffits, etc. Rodents can enter through very small holes, so seal them up before these rodents find their way in to your warm home.
  4. Stack Wood Wisely – If you heat with firewood, avoid stacking it against your house. Firewood is an attractive landing spot for a variety of pests including rodents and spiders.
  5. Put a Lid On It – Rodents and wildlife are looking for food. Make sure your exterior garbage cans have secure lids on them so that they do not attract hungry uninvited guests.

If you suspect your home has a pest issue this fall or winter, contact us to schedule a free inspection of your home. We service the greater Capital District area including Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga and Rensselaer Counties.

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