Pest Control Tips for Businesses

Pests can be an annoyance, an interruption and a major cost for businesses. Whether it is bed bugs in a hotel, cockroaches in a restaurant, or rodents in a warehouse, these small creatures can cause big problems.

The good news is there are steps that a business can take to help prevent pests. With a proactive approach to pest control, pest issues can be effectively minimized. Consider the following tips:

  1. Identify your facility’s physical attributes. Are there large open doors? Does the foundation have cracks? Are there gaps around doors? Are there high areas that could be prone to roosting? By identifying these vulnerabilities, you can take measures to address them.
  2. Review what is inside your business. Is there food that could attract pests? Do you have people coming in and out who could be carriers? Are there materials that could be used for nests? By knowing what you have, you can predict what you might attract and then implement preventative measures designed for those specific pests.
  3. Make a pest control plan. A proper pest control plan addresses your building’s needs year-round with ongoing pest prevention and pest monitoring. The best prevention likely won’t eliminate every pest, so it is also important to have a plan for if you do have a pest issue. This is a lot for a business to manage on its own with everything else they have to do to run their operation, so consider enlisting the help of local commercial pest control experts such as Family Pest Solutions.

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