With warm spring temperatures arriving, deer ticks will once again be making their presence known. Tick activity tends to be very high during the spring. To help get prepared for tick season, read on for a lesson on deer ticks.

Deer Tick Facts:

  1. Deer ticks hang out on the edges of vegetation, waiting for a potential host to pass by so they can quickly climb aboard
  2. Deer ticks have three blood meals over the course of their lives, and they feed slowly during each of these meals as they remain with their host for several days
  3. A female deer tick is capable of laying up to 3,000 eggs
  4. Deer ticks are the number one vector of the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi which causes Lyme disease
  5. When removing deer ticks, it is important not to crush it and to remove all parts of it in order to minimize the risk of disease transmission

Deer ticks are very common in Upstate New York. However there are steps you can take to minimize the deer tick population in your yard and around your home. One important step is to keep your yard well-maintained by mowing regularly and removing piles of leaves. Another important step is to contact your local pest control company for effective tick control treatments.

If you would like to learn about tick control options for your yard, please contact us. We offer tick control for the greater Capital District area including Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga and Rensselaer Counties.

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