7 Spooky Pest Facts

Happy Halloween! The season of spookiness is upon us, the perfect time to explore the creepiness of pests.  So let’s get spooky! Did you know? Some species of spiders jump by contracting their muscles and increasing hemolymph pressure in the joints of their legs. When a spider’s web becomes too dirty, it often eats it… Read more »

5 Fall Pest Control Tips

Fall is here! The warm days of summer have faded away and the cooler weather of fall has arrived, with the cold of winter just around the corner. Fall is an important season for pest control as pests prepare for the colder months ahead. To help you keep these pests at bay, here are 5… Read more »

How to Keep Rodents Out of Your House This Winter

Believe it or not, winter is right around the corner. Soon we will be curling up by the fireplace with hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies, just in time for a MOUSE to scurry across the floor and ruin your night! That’s right, the cooler weather of fall means rodents are starting to look for… Read more »

Why are There Stink Bugs in My House?

It’s true, they stink! These shield shaped, brown/grey insects known as Stink Bugs truly stink when threatened or crushed. You might be noticing more of them in your house as the weather gets cooler, but why? This migration of stink bugs into warm places when it gets colder outside is referred to as overwintering. They… Read more »

All About Carpenter Bees

Have you ever seen a bee make a hole in wood? That sounds like a carpenter bee! This lesser discussed bee is prevalent in the Capital District and packs a double whammy – it can damage structures and it can sting. Let’s take a look at how to identify carpenter bees, how to know when… Read more »

5 Ways to Help Prevent Mosquitoes

Let’s start off by making one thing clear: mosquitoes are annoying! They buzz in your ear, bite you, and leave you itchy. Mosquitoes can carry diseases as well, making them not just annoying but potentially dangerous. Summer in Upstate New York is primetime for mosquitoes, so let’s take a look at a few ways you… Read more »

All About Cockroaches

Yuck, cockroaches! They are dirty, nasty and unwelcome pests…but they show up anyways. Cockroaches are a common pest, so if you find them in your home, don’t feel ashamed. The important thing is to quickly and completely exterminate them. The Basics Cockroaches are brown, flat and oval shaped with wings and six legs. Female cockroaches… Read more »

4 Common Stinging Pests

Summer is here and so are stinging pests! Stings are painful, unpleasant, and sometimes dangerous. Let’s take a look at four common stinging pests so that you know what to stay away from this summer. Yellowjackets Yellowjackets have a yellow and black face and a yellow and black banded abdomen. Their nests are commonly found… Read more »

Save the Honey Bees

Honey bees are incredibly important members of our ecosystem. Of course the honey they produce is delicious, but their work as pollinators is absolutely critical to our food supply. Without pollinators who transfer pollen between the male and female parts of a plant, seeds and fruit wouldn’t be produced. Colonies of honey bees have been… Read more »

The Bugs of Summer

Summer 2020 officially kicks off on June 20th. Summer means swimming, BBQs, gardening…and bugs! That’s right, summer is primetime for bugs in the Northeast. So what should we be on the lookout for here in Upstate New York? Stinging Insects A variety of stinging insects will be buzzing around this summer. Wasps, yellow jackets, carpenter… Read more »