Pest Control Wives Tales – Mice

Recently a customer made a comment that they only had “one mouse” in the house. They even caught the mouse and released it across the street? The customer told me the same mouse re-entered and came back into the kitchen. I had to break the bad news to the customer that there’s never just one…. Read more »

Is your home ready for Winter ? Pest Control tips Fall 2016

Exterior Hose and Faucets – Lately, I see a lot of homes where customers still have their lawn and garden hoses hooked up to the exterior faucet. Some of the hoses are still wrapped around the hose reel. Soon winter will set in, the water in the hoses and reels will freeze. Frozen pipes in… Read more »

Rodent Exclusion & Control

Rodent Season – Each year when the weather starts to get cold, mice want to move into your warm home to get away from the harsh elements. Last week on October 10th, we experienced our area’s first frost. The growing season has come to an end for 2016. Rodents are mammals like you and I…. Read more »

Organic Mosquito and Tick Control Offering

This new pest control service offering protects you, your family and your pets against vector disease carrying pests. Lyme Disease, Malaria and West Nile Virus greatly affect people in the Capital District. Summer is here! School is out and the kids are playing in the yard. You are spending time by the pool, out in… Read more »

Welcome to Family Pest Solutions – August 2016 Blog

There’s still time to inquire about our “Organic Tick and Mosquito Treatment”. With the hot and hazy days, comes humidity. Mosquito’s thrive on moisture. Ticks love the moisture as well. If you like the idea of a Mosquito and Tick free yard, or if you want these Vector disease carrying pests to leave your pets… Read more »