All About Norway Rats

Today we take a look at the Norway Rat. The Norway Rat is found around the world and sometimes is called a street rat or sewer rat. They are 7 to 9.5 inches long and have brown fur with black hairs mixed in. They can’t see well however they can hear, smell, taste and touch… Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions for Less Pests in 2021

Happy New Year! 2021 has arrived and everyone is making their New Year’s Resolutions. Before you settle on your resolution, have you thought about pests? Wouldn’t it be nice to have fewer insect and rodent headaches this year? This can be achieved! When it comes to minimizing pests in and around your home or business,… Read more »

2021 Pest Control Planning Tips for Businesses

The New Year is almost here! December is the perfect time for businesses to start planning for the 12 months that lie ahead. One area that businesses may not think to analyze is their pest control needs. However, with proper planning your business facility can be safer and cleaner and many pest-related business interruptions can… Read more »

Top Tips to Avoid Pests During the Holiday Season

Happy Holidays! The season of peace and joy has arrived just in time to lift our spirits during a very difficult year. But before your celebrations begin, let’s take a look at a few seasonal tips to help prevent your holiday cheer from getting interrupted by unwanted pest guests. Check the Decoration Boxes. You probably… Read more »

Thankful for You

The season of thanks is upon us. While 2020 has been a difficult year, it is important to remember the things that we are thankful for. As we approach Thanksgiving, we express our gratitude for our family, our staff, our community and YOU. Let’s take a look at some of the kind words we received… Read more »

All About House Mice

Sometimes cute but always a nuisance, today we take a look at the House Mouse. House mice are found around the U.S. and around the world. These little pests are only a few inches long with grey/brown fur. They reproduce quickly as females can produce up to 35 babies per year. Where Do House Mice… Read more »

7 Spooky Pest Facts

Happy Halloween! The season of spookiness is upon us, the perfect time to explore the creepiness of pests.  So let’s get spooky! Did you know? Some species of spiders jump by contracting their muscles and increasing hemolymph pressure in the joints of their legs. When a spider’s web becomes too dirty, it often eats it… Read more »

5 Fall Pest Control Tips

Fall is here! The warm days of summer have faded away and the cooler weather of fall has arrived, with the cold of winter just around the corner. Fall is an important season for pest control as pests prepare for the colder months ahead. To help you keep these pests at bay, here are 5… Read more »

How to Keep Rodents Out of Your House This Winter

Believe it or not, winter is right around the corner. Soon we will be curling up by the fireplace with hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies, just in time for a MOUSE to scurry across the floor and ruin your night! That’s right, the cooler weather of fall means rodents are starting to look for… Read more »

Why are There Stink Bugs in My House?

It’s true, they stink! These shield shaped, brown/grey insects known as Stink Bugs truly stink when threatened or crushed. You might be noticing more of them in your house as the weather gets cooler, but why? This migration of stink bugs into warm places when it gets colder outside is referred to as overwintering. They… Read more »