Residential Pest Control

Pest Control & Management for Your Home

Family Pest Solutions proudly offers residential exterminator and pest control services to the greater Capital District and Albany, NY area. Service reports and recommendations are provided at every service. You will also find our communication and documentation to be thorough and ongoing.

This pest control service provides protection 365 days of the year. Quarterly or every other month service are offered. This service is inside and outside. The pest control products used generally break down within 60-90 days. Reapplications make it possible to keep a barrier of protection on your home. Additional services in between scheduled service are at no charge. IPM (Integrated Pest Management) practices are incorporated into every pest control solution offered.

Seasonal service is also available also for the bee control, mosquito control or tick control. Thorough exterior treatment, detailed inspections and recommendations are given.  Mosquito control and tick control services are necessary for the aid and prevention of vector disease carrying pests.

Carpenter Ants – Treated quarterly or every other month. Detailed inspection, reports and recommendations. Carpenter Ants prefer wood with high moisture, they do not eat the wood – but will create structural damage by creating galleries or hollowing out the wood. Carpenter Ants go through a complete metamorphous. Total colony elimination may take several treatments. Once the problem is under control, maintenance and preventative is key to prevent future infestations. The insect’s egg and pupae stage are protected against nature and products used. IPM practices are incorporated into every solution offered. Click here to learn more about carpenter ants.
carpenter ants

Bed Bugs – 3 step process. Detailed inspection, reports and recommendations. We offer Preventative Bed Bug Service once your bed bug problem has been solved.  Bed bugs will seek shelter around the seams of mattresses, cracks and crevices or bed frames, behind electrical outlet covers, behind picture frames, window frames, door frames and any other crack and crevices found in a room. Bed bugs’ primary host are people, although they will feed on other mammals such as cats or dogs. Bed bugs are a transient pest. They are transported into your home or business from multiple sources. Click here to learn more about bed bugs.
bed bug treatment

Occasional Invader Treatment – Detailed inspection, reports and recommendations. Pests include spiders, crickets, earwigs, silverfish, mice, rats and more.  Treated quarterly or seasonal. These pests are treated within our Residential Quarterly Service Offering. IPM practices are incorporated into every solution offered.
Occasional Invader Treatment like Crickets

Cockroaches – Detailed inspection, reports and recommendations. Cockroaches are treated through both our Commercial Pest Control and Residential Pest Control Offering.  Monthly service may be needed for Residential Pest Control accounts based on our initial inspection.  IPM practices are incorporated into every solution offered. Click here to learn more about cockroaches.
how to get rid of roaches

Termites – Detailed inspection, reports and recommendations. Termites are found throughout the Capital District. They are generally found within sandy soil conditions.   Saratoga County and Albany County typically have geological soil conditions that present heavy Termite activity. Termites enter from the soil and will eat wood and cellulose material. We offer Termite elimination service using a termite baiting system and borate treatment within targeted areas. IPM practices are incorporated into every solution offered. Click here to learn more about Albany’s Subterranean Termites.

Flies – Detailed inspection, reports and recommendations. Fly service will be customized depending on the type of fly. Sanitation is the best tool for solving most fly problems. Drain Flies and Fruit flies breed in hard to find areas, usually deep within a drain or high moisture area.  Cleaning the drains or removing the source are key.  Family Pest Solutions will help identify and regularly recommend a solution.  Drain Fly treatments are also available using a biological enzyme. IPM practices are incorporated into every solution offered. Click here to learn more about flies.
Fly exterminator like Fruit Flys

Cluster Flies – Detailed inspection, reports and recommendations. Cluster Flies are considered an over-wintering pest. Family Pest Solutions Residential Pest Control Service Offering on a Quarterly basis will control Cluster Flies. We recommend an exterior treatment between mid-September and mid-October before cluster flies enter the home.  It’s more challenging once they have entered the home to hibernate for the winter. IPM practices are incorporated into every solution offered. Click here to learn more about cluster flies.
Cluster Flies Exterminator

Powder Post Beetles –  Detailed inspection, reports and recommendations. Powder Post Beetles (PPB) can be more conflicting than any other structural pest. Homeowners receive conflicting opinions as whether the damage they are seeing is from powder post beetles or not. Mistakes are also made in determining if the infestation is active and if so, how it should be managed. Incorrect information results in unnecessary treatment and expense, or a failure to protect the client’s property.  Basement modifications may be necessary – if so recommendations will be made and documented. Click here to learn more about Powder Post Beetles.
Powder Post Beetles pest control

Mosquitoes –  If you and your family enjoy spending time outdoors, in your pool or gardening, you probably have encountered mosquitoes. These pests are blood sucking and considered a vector pest because they can carry diseases such as West Nile Virus, Malaria, etc. Family Pest Solutions offers a *True Organic offering for mosquitoes. We treat the areas where mosquitoes hide during the day which reduces the over pressure and population near your home. We treat your property from May – September. A thorough exterior treatment provides a barrier of protection for you and your family. Detailed Inspection reports and recommendations given with every service. Contact us today to learn more about this service. If you are planning on having an outdoor event in the Albany, Schenectady, Troy area – plan ahead to protect your guests! Click here to learn more about mosquitoes.
Mosquito Control

Ticks –  Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses have been on the rise in the US. The key to protecting your family and pets is to have a professional tick control service. We have a solution: Family Pest Solutions uses a *True Organic product as a barrier treatment to eliminate ticks before they can reach you. This offering will drastically reduce the tick population close to your home. We start by inspecting the property, identifying where ticks can thrive, customize a solution with recommendations, treat vegetation close to your home with our organic approach and place a barrier around the perimeter of your yard. Contact us today to learn more about this service. Click here to learn more about ticks.
Tick Pest Control

Rodents –  Commensal rodents are Norway Rats, Roof rats and the House mouse. They are called commensal rodents, referring to the fact that they live at man’s expense without giving anything in return. They live close to man, because our home becomes their shelter. With a hole slightly larger than 1/4″, They come in and out without being noticed at times.

Family Pest Solutions will inspect your home and access the problem. We customize every home based on your family’s needs. Exclusion methods are used to try and stop them mice from re-entering. Humane traps are used on the inside to remove mice that are caught. It’s important to inspect the attics and crawlspaces if they are accessible. Every home will get an invoice after treatment, showing what was done, and what you can do to help eliminate conducive conditions. Click here to learn more about rodents.


Stinging Pests – Family Pest Solutions recognizes that stinging pests such as yellow jackets, wasps, hornets, and carpenter bees can be a very dangerous nuisance that finds shelter on your property. Stings from these unwanted pests hurt, and some people are even allergic to them. If you want to keep your pets and family safe from stinging pests, we can help.

We will handle a detailed inspection, reports, and recommendations when it comes to having yellow jackets, wasps, hornets, or carpenter bees in and around your home.

Tick Pest Control